Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jeans are hard to find

At least they are for me. I am not too tall (let's say 5'3'' on a good day) so jeans are usually long on me which is why I like the "short" or "ankle" cut. However, I tried on over a dozen pair of jeans at Von Maur today, from numerous different brands and none were keepers. Although I liked the Jessica Simpson pairs that I tried on but even the "short" were still slightly long on me. And I know I can get them tailored, I have done that in the past, but I don't want to spend over $60 on the jeans and then another $10-20 to have them tailored. Cheap on my part perhaps, but I don't have a big spending budget right now. I just hope that soon the Jessica Simpson jeans will go on sale :)

Oh and since when in the heck did all the jeans stop being made from denim and are now made from cotton/spandex?!? Granted they are comfortable, but so are regular denim ones.....I checked countless tags and they all were saying cotton/spandex. Weird!!

Do any of you find it hard to buy a decent pair of jeans?


  1. I 5'4" and I have the same problem. I can never find jeans that fit that aren't too long. Fortunately, my grandmother-in-law is great with a sewing machine so she re-hems them for me. It's not expensive to have that done at a dry-cleaners either though. So sometimes those long pants can be an option.

  2. I have the opposite problem. I'm 5'8 so when I shop for jeans, they are usually too short. :) I finally found some at Kohl's that were my size and "long" so it didn't look like I was wearing high waters!!

    I've noticed that a lot of jeans have spandex in them these days!!


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