Thursday, July 28, 2011

older generation

Sometimes I feel like I am from an older generation/time. Although I am sure it all stems from my wonderful parents, really, they are the best parents but they are from a more simple and classic time. Is it odd that I am a fan of  Alan Alda, Dick Van Dyke and Bob Newhart? I love to watch M*A*S*H or episodes of the Dick Van Dyke Show; old classics that I have watched for years and years thanks to my parents enjoying them as well.  Oh and when I was younger I used to watch Diagnosis Murder with my family. I recently just read Dick Van Dyke's autobiography which I enjoyed and recommend.

So there, a strange and random confession on this gloomy late July Thursday afternoon :)

You're welcome!

***Side not, I am stunned THRILLED that I now have 11 followers!! Thank you, thank, you!! It makes me smile knowing that it is not just my own family who reads and (hopefully) enjoys the wackiness that is my blog :)

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