Thursday, June 2, 2011

the next best thing

it is no secret that i was and still am a friends addict. i was so sad when the show ended after 10 years and i am a proud owner of all the seasons. i will watch a rerun of friends any day or time. i love it.


i am equally surprised with how much i love how i met your mother.  it is almost as big as my love for friends. this show is HILARIOUS, the characters are fun, simple and can be just like your best friend. barney is my favorite, his famous lines and mannerisms are just too much greatness. and lily is a close second ( i think it is probably because she is a kindergarten teacher) plus she and marshall are too cute together. although ted is kinda lame and can get annoying....

ANYWAYS, i am just saying that if you get a chance, watch this show! i fell for it five a few seasons in but i have since caught up and watched all of them...well, except for all of season 6, i was busy catching up with 1-5 so i have to finish this current season.

how i met your mother is the next best comedy since friends!

you're welcome!

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  1. I've never watched How I Met Your Mother, I heard it's great though!

    One show that I think is hilarious is The Big Bang Theory! So, So funny!!!


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