Monday, December 6, 2010


One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is that there is more giving to those in need. My Mom, well both parents actually, have always shown and taught us that it is important to give to others; even if we don't have a lot, we can still do something. For many years now I have taken an angel from my church's annual Christmas angel tree and bought that boy or girl a gift; I love thinking about that child opening up that gift on Christmas morning and being (hopefully) happy with what Santa brought them.  This year I decided to splurge even more and buy gifts for two children-a boy and a girl. I am so glad that I am able to try and make a child's holiday a little bit brighter.

And then last week I helped a family friend wrap some gifts, just because she asked and I love wrapping presents, so why not?! :) When I was finished she then proceeded to give me money and I quickly told her that I don't want/need it, I didn't help her for money. She told me to take it anyways, so reluctantly I did and when I looked at the amount she had given me I was even more stunned because it was $50! Could I easily spend and use $50 on myself?! Sure!  But the first thought that crossed my mind was using the money to help spread the Christmas spirit. After thinking about how to spend the $50, I decided on buying some toys for the toys for tots annual drive and to use the remaining money on a grocery giftcard to give to a food pantry or shelter group. And I have done just that. I bought about $35 worth of toys at Target the other day for the toys for tots and the remaining $15 is on a Jewel gift card to give away.  I think that is $50 well spent!!

Spreading the holiday spirit is fun, I must admit :)


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