Saturday, December 4, 2010

11 months

One more month and B will be a one year old! But today, and for the next month, he is officially 11 months old! Little B is still the sweetest, smile-est, goofiest little boy I know. (And I know I say this every month, but it still rings true). He is always smiling, making funny/weird sounds and on the move! B continues to be a pro at crawling, but he will kinda/sorta take some assisted steps when he is standing up and we hold his hands; but then he will eventually squirm around so that he is facing you and you have to pick him up....he is crafty like that :) 

B has started to click with his tongue, that is cute to hear. He high-fives, but mostly just me....He is always chattering away, it is really funny when he "talks" to his big sisters that are upstairs and he is at the bottom of the stairs.  Oh and he is trying to climb the stairs now....eek! He is also a pro now at pulling up onto anything and cruising around that way. And he is still such an inquisitive little guy; he reaches for whatever is in his eye sight, even if it isn't really for him. Baby B is the quickest and sneakiest little thing too, one second he is right in front of you and the next he is in the other room, getting into trouble :)  He is pretty much on "regular" food now and can never eat enough. His first Thanksgiving was a big hit! And he loves graham crackers-one half in each hand, of course.

Happy 11 Months, B!! You are such a joy to take care of during the week, and you never cease to make me laugh or smile.

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  1. He is adorable!!! I really love the photos of him looking out the window - so curious! :) Happy 11 months!


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