Tuesday, November 30, 2010

tuesday's thoughts

i am sipping peppermint tea while sitting under some christmas lights...and there a just a few flurries being blown around in the air outside-the season is upon us!

how can it be december 1st tomorrow?! where does the time go....
i finished some more christmas shopping today. all i have left is my mom, something else for my dad, and my secret santa family person (K!) but don't worry, i didn't spoil the surprise, we all told each other who we picked when we did it on Thanksgiving. we are fun like that :)

i have been doing billy blank's cardio circut for just about three weeks now and i am enjoying it. i bought this dvd off amazon for less than $5 (including shipping) so it is a real deal. when i have to work, i wake up at 5:45 so i can get it in for the day.  i am still flabbergasted by how fast they go sometimes, i truly just can't keep up! but at least i am doing something :) and it is fun, it brings me back to my aerobics class in high school-loved it! oh and i always mute the volume because i don't want to hear their talking/"encouragement"/or music choices. and i swear that the room the video was filmed was super hot because i am not nearly as sweaty as all the people working out are at the end, even with doing the same stuff.

since today is the last day of november that also means it is the last day of Prematurity Awareness Month and i will be donating $18 ok i will round up to an even $20 to the March of Dimes. if i remember correctly, i drank more starbucks last year at this time....oh well, a donation is still a donation and to such a great charity.

i don't really have anything on my christmas list, the one big thing i am asking for is a new cellphone which i am pretty excited about. plus if i get the one i picked out, i will be able to use the sync app in my car! my current phone is too "old" and it doesn't connect properly.

my tv viewing has been slim pickings the last week or so...which is fine, i just read more books. but i am looking forward to new episodes of the shows i like to watch returning to tv soon!

i think that is it for now....off to read and finish the rest of my tea.

have a great night!

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