Monday, November 29, 2010

HP and Love

Over the Thanksgiving break I was able to go see two of the newest movies that are currently out. The newest Harry Potter (with my big br M) and then Love and Other Drugs (with my friend K).

I enjoyed  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. I felt that even though it was really long, at 2 1/2 hrs, it really didn't feel like I had been sitting in the theater for that long. And it is a darker film, both topic wise and even visually,but  it all worked together. I liked that just like the other HP movies, they ring very true to the books. Although, I think there could have been quicker mountain/rock scenes...but oh well. I look forward to part two this summer! I give this movie a solid A.

Love and Other Drugs was one movie that I had been anxiously awaiting for and it didn't dissappoint. I am big Jake Gyllenhaal fan so I didn't think it could go wrong :)  I really like the ending, it was a simple, honest and real ending. Not fake or lame (at least I don't think it was). Although I will admit that there were a tad too many frontal nudity and sex scenes but within the first 30-45 mins they started to not show as much (thankfully). There were some sweet and funny parts too; and of course a tear-jerker part.  I give this movie a solid B.

You're welcome! :)

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