Thursday, November 4, 2010

10 months!

Baby B is so close to being a year old-eek!!  He is officially 10 months old today and he is still the sweetest baby boy around.

He can now: wave (I taught him! Although he only does it to strangers...,) pull himself up on anything, he has started to cruise around while standing up and holding onto something, stand up in his crib, say "mama", sign "more", suck his thumb just like his older sisters (uh oh!) and we are still working on clapping and (improving on) giving high-fives. Oh and he has is first tooth, which is quite sharp :)

And he still eats like a champ- and he is enjoying more "people" food, crawling like a maniac, getting into trouble, laughing at his sisters, growling, saying "dada" and he still smiles all the time.

Happy 10 months, B!

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