Wednesday, November 3, 2010

bits and pieces....

do you like my new Fall-themed header? i am kind of in love with it. i have seen other blogs with fall headers so i stole copied their idea. and yep, those are all my own pictures, just like on my regular header.

i made these cupcakes last week. they were tasty and pretty easy to make but let me tell you that i felt like i had spent all afternoon in the kitchen. i guess there are worse ways to spend a day off, right?  (oh and to "save" time i used a box mix for the cupcakes instead of following the recipe provided) but i did everything else as directed.

i really, really, really, really, really want to own these pairs of shoes. Really, really :)

the red cups have already (much too early though! and i love my Christmas, but November just started!) arrived at Starbucks, i saw them and i must say i am disappointed. they are not that festive or cute, i think.

sara bareilles new cd is just plain awesome!! i have already listened to it non stop for days in my car. her voice, songwriting abilities and musical talent are amazing!!

i voted yesterday-wooo!

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