Friday, October 15, 2010

When baby B attacks

B loves to play on the floor with his toys, and he plays really well too, BUT I have noticed that if I sit on the floor near him he will pretty much drop what he is eating/examining/playing with and crawl right over to me. And when I put him back on the floor-right in front of me, mind you- he will just turn right around and climb back up on my lap.  I love it :)  I took these pictures the other day of him.....

 Playing contently....

 He does this "stand" a lot! It is like a downward dog pose :)

               Having fun reading a book and pushing his car around...he still hasn't spotted me yet...

 He found me! Here he comes!!

 Successfully on my lap! Look at that cute face!!

I tried putting him back on the floor...he was "growling" at me and started to climb right back up :)

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