Thursday, April 9, 2015

I was the kind of kid who:

I am so glad I found this,it is a hilarious link up!
The Daily Tay

I was the kind of kid who...

Thought everyone had a big family like mine.

Would rather play with baby dolls or hold real babies than play sports.

Idolized her older sister...and brothers.

Would get into serious sibling fights with one of her older brothers. Man,they were fierce! (But we love each other now!)

Wrote in a journal.

Was a good student but hated math.

Talked a lot during school.

Was a neat freak, my school desk was always organized.

Loved riding her bicycle...and would pretend it was a horse, well my best friend and I would do it together,pretend we were riding horses.

Would be so scared to get into trouble at school...and then cried during conferences in fourth grade because I thought my teacher was going to tell my parents about the one time I had gotten in trouble during class.

Had short hair,and I mean, boy short (or as my Mom called it, "pixie cut") until third or fourth grade.

Played school for hours on end,even after being at school.

Read books all.the.time. (Still do actually)

Didn't eat sugary cereals,fake peanut butter,etc so would love to go friends' houses or camp just to eat those items.

Listened to country music (Shania Twain, Faith Hill--they still are my favorites).

Would set up kool-aid stands during the Summer with my best friend.

Had my first job at age 12,junior camp counselor! Loved it!

Would come home late from a friend's house and lie that my watch wasn't one really bought that lie either. 

Loved hanging around/annoying my older brothers.

Thought being a teacher was the coolest job.

(I am in the white shirt)

What were you like?


  1. I had a killer mushroom cut until i was 7 haha. thanks mom...

  2. I absolutely adore this link up, I will have to do this next!


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