Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Thank you,Jenna and Anne!

Currently: making: pumpkin scones and cinnamon scones.
listening:to Christmas music! Faith Hill's album is in my top spot but I like Michael Buble's,too.
wrapping: my Mom's birthday presents and Christmas presents (this weekend,hopefully!)
watching: Hallmark channel Christmas movies. And Home Alone was on this weekend is one of my top favorites,ever. Now I just need to see Elf and A Christmas Story and we are set!
anticipating: Christmas Day...and Winter Break,it sure is a break for us teachers,too!

Can you tell that I LOVE this time of year?!


  1. I could have inserted my name to all your currently items...except my dad's bday is the December bday! I love Michael Buble's christmas album, and of course can't wait to watch Elf again...and if this year is anything like the past years, that movie will get watched like 5 times.

  2. I already watched Elf and Home Alone after coming across them while channel surfing... can't help but stop and watch when those are on!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. The scones sound soooo yummy! Cinnamon scones are my favorite. :)
    And yes, I am sooo ready for Christmas break, too! It's such a much needed time off.
    Thanks for linking up with us!!


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