Sunday, August 10, 2014

sunday's inspiration

I found this and loved it,so true for me. Thank you,Holly!!
Sometimes this world is hard to understand.
And even when we trust you, our hearts still ache.
So we come to you today asking for the hope we need.
Hope that sees past the here-and-now to the then-and-there.
Hope that believes what we cannot yet glimpse.
Hope that holds our hearts up in the moments when life brings us to our knees.
You are the only One who can sustain us.
You are the only One who can save us.
Be the rescuer of our souls, the deliverer of our dreams, the holder of our hearts.
We believe that even the darkest night must lead to dawn.
We wait with expectation.
Give us courage.
Surround us with comfort.
Love us through to the other side in the way only you can.
We put our hope, and our hopes for those we love, in you.

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