Thursday, May 8, 2014

thursday's thoughts

it is friday eve--hooray!!

thankfully this week has gone by smoothly and quickly.

i won an award at work,not just from my center,either,it is a district wide thing. it was based on comments,etc from my bosses and parents of my students. i was surprised but it sure does feel good to be appreciated and validated at work!

Bestie E's wedding shower is this weekend!

Lovebug #2's birthday is the weekend!

Mother's Day is this weekend!

It will be a busy weekend :)

I hope the Blackhawks win tomorrow night.

King and Maxwell is a good book,I wish I could just read it all day long

My favorite tv shows are coming to their season endings,womp womp

I really miss my Nanny gig :)

It is a sunny day so that will make all things good!

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