Tuesday, May 27, 2014

my long weekend

Mingle 240Showered With Design
homemade calzone and red wine for dinner
watched the secret life of walter mitty which I enjoyed,beautiful and picturesque setting/scenery and a nice soundtrack;sweet story and funny characters.

slept in
usual weekend cleaning
errand running
started, Waiting on You by Kristan Higgins
downtown with Bestie P to join Besties M and B at Waterhouse to watch the Blackhawks (lose,blah!)

read more of Waiting on You
Outlet mall with the Sisters!
I made a ravioli lasagna for dinner and I watched The Monuments Men which I also liked,hard to beat George Clooney  and Matt Damon and a world warII story/premise.

did some dusting that I have been putting off for too long
paid June bills
went to the older sister's house for a bbq
finished  Waiting on You
watched the Blackhawks (lose,again,aghhhh!)
How was your Memorial Day weekend?

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