Wednesday, April 23, 2014


It has been sunny and a bit cooler around here (highs int he 40s/50s) but I will take it.

Blackhawks,good luck tonight!!!!

Saturday morning is the March of Dime's March For Babies! Team VIC is excited and we have already raised over $1000! There is still time to donate though,click on my left sidebar button (any size donation is welcomed.)

I am reading Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell and it is good;but I soak up any true/history/soldier story so I knew I would like it.

This Summer I am tagging along on another B family vacation,this time to North Carolina and I CANNOT WAIT. Oh, Lovebugs,gear up!

Deadliest Catch returned last night, I recorded it though...and Alaska State Troopers is new this week,too!

If you are the type,would you please say some extra prayers that I find a more suitable teaching job for this coming year...I am worn out from the disappointment and I just don't know if I ever will have my own real classroom. So anything extra would be great :)

God is good,all the time!!!!!

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