Thursday, April 10, 2014

thursday's thoughts

It is thursday!!! wednesday seemed a bit too long for me but the weather was GLORIOUS!

Big bro B and sis K are in town this weekend!!!

I am almost done with Lisa Unger's in the blood. It is finally picking up speed but it is still a bit odd.

I miss Nashville....and hanging with my Besties

My birthday is in ONE week! I am super excited that I took off of work next thursday and friday for it :)

I am anxious about the Playoffs, go Blackhawks!

the March of Dimes Walk is just over two weeks away---woo!

Easter is just over one week away!!

Coffee pick me ups during my lunch break are a necessity sometimes,like yesterday.

I am guest posting next week,my I think third time doing this for another awesome blogger.

Elementary and BBT are new tonight AND Alaska State Troopers

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  1. April is one exciting month for you! Enjoy your weekend!


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