Thursday, April 17, 2014


Happy Birthday to me!!!! And to my twin sister, R!!

Since I am now 27 years old, here are 27 things I did this past year:

1. Went to a Stanley Cup Play off game!

 2. Survived the crazy heat and supported the Blackhawks at their Stanley Cup Parade!

3. Flew West,never been to California before!

 4.Drove up to San Francisco with big brother MF and his family--first time there

5. Went to a Cubs game in Anaheim,and with Lovebug #3!!

 6. Visited Lovebugs 3 and 5!

 7. Saw the Pacific Ocean

 8. Stopped at the historic and stunning Redwoods!

 9.Had some sibling bonding time...many times over the Summer

 10.Embraced a new daily life without my little buddy to care for. (Darn new job)
11. Started a new job.....
12. Road trip down to the Smoky Mountains,great bonding time with Lovebugs 1,2,and 4

 13. Saw a black bear (actually  a couple) in the Mountains!

14. Donated my hair again,this time, it was around 9 inches cut off.
15. Soaked up family time,I truly am blessed to have such a large and supportive clan to call mine.

16. Taste tested gin and bourbon and whiskey....

17. Road trip with Besties P and K---thank you Nashville for a great time!

 18. Toured the Grand Ole Opry, I love me some country music and visiting its Mecca.

19. Made some new friends from work
20. Laughed and made lots of new memories with all my Lovebugs
21. Attended my first paint and sip event
22. Took care of Lovebugs 1,2 and 4 for five whole days on my own
23. Had my first gel manicure :)
24. Walked in the March of Dimes Walk for the fifth year in a row!
25. Had a benign tumor removed
26. Celebrated another Christmas with my family,I just love the Holidays and all the traditions we have
27. Won a Snapple contest,I rarely win things so winning a $50 gas card was pretty darn sweet :)

Here is to another rather awesome 26+ years
I took today and tomorrow off of work,that alone is a glorious enough celebration :)
Happy Thursday,all!

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