Friday, March 28, 2014

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Karen White's Return to Tradd Street

Facing her future as a single mother, psychic Realtor Melanie Middleton is determined to be strong and leave her past with writer Jack Trenholm behind her. But history has a tendency of catching up with Melanie, whether she likes it or not.…
Melanie is only going through the motions of living since refusing Jack’s marriage proposal. She misses him desperately, but her broken heart is the least of her problems. Despite an insistence that she can raise their child alone, Melanie is completely unprepared for motherhood, and she struggles to complete renovations on her house on Tradd Street before the baby arrives.
When Melanie is roused one night by the sound of a ghostly infant crying, she chooses to ignore it. She simply does not have the energy to deal with one more crisis. That is, until the remains of a newborn buried in an old christening gown are found hidden in the foundation of her house.
As the hauntings on Tradd Street slowly become more violent, Melanie decides to find out what caused the baby’s untimely death, uncovering the love, loss, and betrayal that color the house’s history—and threaten her claim of ownership. But can she seek Jack’s help without risking her heart? For in revealing the secrets of the past, Melanie also awakens the malevolent presence that has tried to keep the truth hidden for decades.…
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I liked this book,it brought me back to Charleston and to the quirky Tradd house and characters of Mellie and Jack. Mellie was a bit annoying/stubborn at the beginning so that was starting to bother me but I liked how she and Jack still acted like normal with one another. The mystery was fun to follow although I did think it was a little confusing towards the end. Now with four books in this series,I would be content if the ghosts at Tradd street finally left,I mean,how many more bodies can Mellie find in her yard?! But I adore Karen White's writing,plots and stories so I look forward to her next new novel. I give this one a B.

David Baldacci's The Sixth Man
Edgar Roy – an alleged serial killer – is awaiting trial. He faces almost certain conviction. Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are called in by Roy’s attorney, Sean’s old friend and mentor Ted Bergin, to help work the case. But their investigation is derailed when Sean and Michelle find Bergin murdered.
(thanks to his website)

I really enjoyed this story and as always, Michelle and Sean make me laugh with their antics and relationship and case-solving abilities. A unique premise with a government conspiracy but it was never that bogged down or boring. David can really do no wrong in my eyes. I give this an A.

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  1. I've never heard of the Tradd Street series. It sounds cool!


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