Tuesday, December 31, 2013

one photo!

Recently Roached

I had to pick this photo because it wraps up 2014 to perfection:it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

This year I did a lot of traveling,on my own (to Cali!) and with others (San Fran with big bro M and his family,Omha with some of the siblings and TN with the older sis and her family). I had such a lot of fun memories and times with the Besties:like watching the Hawks win the Stnaley Cup that June night in a bar and then going downtown for the insanely hot and crowded parade. Also,my best bro-in-law T took me to one of the Stanley Cup final games against the Bruins and that was another once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. My family said goodbye to our patriarch,Grandpa K, after his long 98 and a half year life with us all,I had a small benign tumor removed from my foot (easy peasy,no knock out drugs for me either!) and I switched jobs from being a nanny and after-school teacher to a full time pre-k teacher with a corporate daycare facility.

I am hoping 2014 has a bit more to offer me though in terms of  adventures,challenges, a new job and even love.

2013 was quite a year that sure flew by and it was full of blessings, so really that is all I truly hope for in 2014,keep the blessings and strength of Him coming,I need them :)

Happy New Year!!!

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