Sunday, September 1, 2013

summer 2013

We all know that Labor Day signals the end of Summer,so here is my Summer rundown. I can't recall ever having a more jam-packed and exciting Summer! I traveled a lot actually,considering I travel maybe once a whole year,so three times in three months is cray-cray (as my sis-in-law, K, always says).

My first trip out to California to visit Lovebugs #3 and #5 (fun times!) I went to Disneyland for the very first time :)

We saw the Cubbies play while I was there!

We drove up to San Francisco!

And hit the touristy spots in LA.

After my California trip,my Besties and I played tourists in our city and went on a Chicago boat tour(super hot day but loads of fun).

I went to a Blackhawks Final Round Playoff game with the best-bro-in-law T!! A beyond amazing time.

Some of my Besties and I watched the last Blackhawks game together at a local bar when the Blackhawks won the Stanley cup!!! Awesome!

Some of my Besties and I were able to attend the Stanley Cup Parade! Another incredibly hot day but well worth the early-rising and long wait time.


I made cinnamon rolls from scratch for the first time,quite tasty!

And there was a mini K sibling weekend in Omaha,although we missed our three other siblings!!

I also started a new job,no more nanny gig for Bman (big sad face!!) plus working in an after-school program. I am currently a kindergarten/preschool teacher with a local company. It is an adjustment,long hours and not really what I thought it would be but it is a paycheck and health insurance....

It started off in Tennesse,in the Smoky Mountains with the older sister and her family. A fantastic trip and such beautiful sights to take in.

And of course,daily hang out time with Lovebugs #1,#2 and #4.

And back to reality,adjusting to the new full time job and trying to save up/figure out how I can afford my own apartment,finally.

I also read a bunch of books,here are my favorites:
David Baldacci's King&Maxwell (the first two in the series)
Karen White's The Time Between
Christina Baker Kline's Orphan Train
Nora Roberts' Blue Smoke
Jamie Ford's At the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

So,that was my Summer, how was yours?


  1. Great photos. The cinnamon bun looks DELICIOUS! Do you have the recipe? :)

  2. Looks like a fun filled summer!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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