Wednesday, August 28, 2013

wednesday's thoughts


it is wednesday! hooray,the middle of the week.

i just thought that FRIENDS scene is funny...sometimes us girls have those days were we feel great about how we look :)

i am so looking forward to a three-day weekend!

work is tiring and long days so i feel like i don't have a lot of time to blog or read (i am still reading the causal vacancy and it has been over a week but partly due to the fact that it is a rather dull,strange book and confusing to keep all the characters straight. i refuse to put it down though because i have already spent over a week reading it lol)

summer shows are ending,fall shows will reappear in a month!

i get to hang out with the Lovebugs #1, #2 and #4 tonight and tomorrow night for a bit while their parents' go to school open houses...i need to catch up on their first week of school!

happy hump day!

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