Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Smoky Mountains Day 2

We had a little photo shoot before we headed out for our second hike and exploring day...Bman took this photo!

 Lovebug #2 took this one!

At a look out point:

In two States at once! We were excited to realize we entered North Carolina!

 I forgot that we would probably see the Appalachian Trail,so neat!!

 Still at the same NC/TN look out:

We made our way up the Mountain to Clingman's Dome; Lovebug #2 was my hiking buddy.

One of Bman's favorite things to do was climb up ANY rock or boulder he saw while we hiked. He was wearing his Spiderman shirt so it was extra fitting :)

Hello, T! We were high up!

Then we drove to another waterfall,this one was actually in North Carolina on the Cherokee Reservation. We had to walk up over 100 stairs to get to it but it sure was pretty!

Once we made our way down,we stopped in the Cherokee town for some ice cream and some souvenir shopping.

A busy day but such beautiful and stunning views!

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