Friday, August 2, 2013

hs & cs

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
Hooray,it is the weekend! It has been and long and tiresome week of work,at my new job, so relaxation is a must-do now!
I am off to the Smoky Mountains for the next week!
I am so excited to be going to TN for the first time and to the South!
Dinner with Besties P & K on Tuesday!
Road trip with the B family-Lovebugs 1,2 and 4 will be getting their fill of Auntie V :)
Reading more of David Baldaaci
Watching burn notice, Longmire, the glades, king&maxwell,rizzoli&isles
taking deep breaths and continuing to smile
A clear bill of health from the Dr
Gearing up for my last Summer trip :)
Looking back on my weekend in Omaha
A week of work that started off in a way that I wasn't exactly expecting
Feeling like I have no time to do simple,every day things
Being a bit overwhelmed with the new job
Continuing to wish for something I have wanted my whole life
Happy Friday!
Have a lovely weekend!

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