Sunday, August 11, 2013

back home

so i am back from my first visit to the South/TN/ Smoky Mountains and it was GRAND! A week spent with my older sister and her family,we had fun and waking up to Bman smiling and sweetly saying "morning auntie vic!!" sure does more wonders than a cup of coffee :)

we hiked, saw THREE black bears near our cabin, went to the aquarium, hiked, chilled out on our cabin's deck, played games after dinner(s), made smores, hiked, visited the local outlet mall, went to Ober Gatlingberg, wen to the pool, stopped at a creek, drove around the mountains, saw numerous waterfalls, laughed and chatted.

oh and i have 300+ photos i am currently going through so this week's posts will all be Mountain centered!

get ready!

i already unpacked and yet my Sunday to-do list is still long...and it is another full week of work starting on time vanishes and it hasn't even started.

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