Friday, July 19, 2013

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Forever a Blackhawk by Stan Mikita and Bob Verdi

Forever A Blackhawk
Few athletes in the grand history of Chicago sports have ever been as beloved as the Chicago Blackhawks' Stan Mikita. One of the most popular players of his or any era, Mikita thrilled fans with his unique combination of speed, skill and grace. Coming on the heels of the best-selling One Goal Achieved: The Inside Story of the 2010 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks and The Golden Jet, Forever a Blackhawk is another must-have keepsake for Blackhawks fans of all ages and a rare opportunity to celebrate the life of one of Chicago's favorite sons.
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What a fun and fast autobiography! Stan seems like such an honorable and devoted man and hockey player. This was a great read,and I was surprised by his beginnings and how he was raised by his Aunt/Uncle in Canada. A must read for any Blackhawk fan. I give it an A.

The Rules of Inheritance by Claire Bidwell Smith

In this astonishing debut, Claire Bidwell Smith, an only child, is just fourteen years old when both of her charismatic parents are diagnosed with cancer. What follows is a coming-of-age story that is both heartbreaking and exhilarating. As Claire hurtles towards loss she throws herself at anything she thinks might help her cope with the weight of this harsh reality: boys, alcohol, traveling, and the anonymity of cities like New York and Los Angeles. By the time she is twenty-five years old they are both gone and Claire is very much alone in the world.
Claire’s story is less of a tragic tale and more of a remarkable lesson on how to overcome some of life’s greatest hardships. Written with suspense and style, and bursting with love and adventure, The Rules of Inheritance vividly captures the deep grief and surprising light of a young woman forging ahead on a journey of loss that humbled, strengthened, and ultimately healed her.
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I couldn't put this memoir down for the first one hundred pages,I just wanted to reach into the book and give Claire a hug;so young to have to deal with terminally ill parents and it is never easy no matter the age. I adored her strength and rawness;it is such a powerful story and I was so happy for her and her ability to finally realize she can/and should live her life since she is still here and to grieve in the ways she needed to. I will admit though that I thought it was odd she kept smoking and even drinking with the cancer risks in her family to begin with...and I found it a bit confusing at times when she kept going back-and-forth through the years,I wish she had stuck with a continual time line. But it was quite a read and she is one devoted and strong woman,daughter,person,wife and mother! I give it a B.

The Simple Truth David Baldaaci
Michael Fiske broke the law when he took Rufus Harms’ prison letter from the Supreme Court. But he also sealed his own fate. Now Michael’s brother, a cop turned attorney, is coming to Washington to find out why his brother was murdered – and what it had to do with a crime that Rufus Harms committed twenty-five years before.
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Another thrilling and in-depth story that was hard to put down. It was a bit overwhelming for the first 45 or so pages because there were SO many characters introduced but by the end it all flowed well. A ton of mystery,suspense and mayhem with a dash of romance and lost. I saw some of the endings coming,I was surprised on some endings and I was wrong on one ending :)  I am really enjoying David's writing and stories;I give this book an A.

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  1. Rules of the Inheritance sounds so good!! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Rules of the Inheritance definitely sounds like a great read! I am like you though and love to read a book with the same timeline. I have a hard time following back and forth types of stories (and movies.)


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