Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blogging in May: day 1

What a fun idea and the daily topics are unique and will  help me think outside of the box :)
Day 1: "the story of your life in 250 words or less"

I made my entrance into this world nine weeks earlier than expected,giving my parents worry right from the get-go. I am the sixth of seven siblings and I have a twin sister. I have grown up in the Northern Chicago suburbs and I love it but I do see myself moving away one day to see what life is like somewhere else. My childhood years and high school years were the usual;great friends,adventures and homework :) I went away to college for my last two years of my degree and enjoyed it even if it was tough at first but I knew/know I always have my family and God standing with me,no matter what. My current jobs as a nanny for my nephew and an after school teacher are not what I thought  my immediate years after college would be filled with but they work and propel me forward. I feel like I still have so much life to live and learn from,I am raring to go out and finally make my dreams come true and see what my future holds.


  1. I'm doing the challenge, too! Glad to get to know you better, girl :)

  2. oh man early baby!! thats awesome you have a twin


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