Sunday, May 19, 2013

season finales (part two)

spoiler alerts,so read with caution if you watch any of these shows!!!

blue bloods
I liked that it wrapped up the gang violence story line,at least for now. I love watching this family,they remind me of my own (in each others business and annoy each other yet when the going gets tough they are all supportive and there for one another). A sweet ending and no major cliff hanger so that works for me!

I knew Castle was going to propose;it was sort of a lame way of doing it though because it seemed like he was upset/mad while he was asking her. I think Beckett will take the job in DC but she will also say yes to Castle, he needs to realize that he can work anywhere and he also needs to be there for Beckett. Plus Castle can still work with Espo and Ryan while Beckett is away...

Finally they sort of wrapped up a few running story lines,they have been ongoing for so long it is annoying to try to remember all the bits of them. Gibbs doesn't shoot his friend though,at least I doubt it.I liked that the team gave in their badges in support of Gibbs but it also reminded me of a couple seasons ago when they were all split up at the end too.

ncis:los angeles
They left too much hanging,sad! Glad that Kenzie and Dieks kissed,it is about time. I am more than ready to be done with the whole story line of those three bad guys though,time to move on to new stories!

golden boy
Even though this show was cancelled,which I am bummed about because it is decent show actually,I liked this finale. A gripping ending and I was so glad that Walter knocked Aroyo down,he has had it coming the whole season! Owen definitely deserved his promotion and it way overdue. I really hope,some how,that this show comes back next season because I want to know what happens to Margot and Clark after Hollbrook shot them in the restaurant.

the mindy project
More hilarious moments and lines, a bit of a tease between Danny and Mindy. I think Mindy is a bit wacky to be moving to Haiti for a year with Casey since they just started going out...but oh well. I am not a bit Casey fan,something about him bothers me,I think it is the fact that he is supposed to be a minister but he never really acts like a true minister would. Next season should be interesting if Mindy is in Haiti.

The first couple of minutes are exactly why I watch this show, the sexy Stephen Amell, shirtless and strong :) I was not surprised that Tommy died at the end,he was sort of a baby and starting to get on my nerves. It will be fun to watch what happens next season and how the Glades recover from the earthquake,and to see who else made it out (or didn't). I like that Laurel and Oliver are back together but I am also a fan of Oliver and Felicity...the Dark Archer better be gone for real,he was one evil-driven guy! I like seeing how Oliver's time on the island progresses,now that all the bad guys are dead,I wonder why it still took him years to get off the island.

big bang theory
I thought it was a rather lame episode,let alone season finale. But I am happy to see that Raj can speak to women without being drunk now. Sheldon is still funny and Amy is one of my favorite characters still.

A well written two hour season finale!! I knew Irene's birthmarks would come into play but I didn't really see that she was Moriarty coming into play. Watson and Holmes make me smile,their friendship is so unique and sweet. I am really glad Holmes didn't have a relapse!! The best season finale since it wrapped up a long-running story line and had a nice,light-hearted last scene.

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