Saturday, May 11, 2013

season finales (part one)

So this time of year means the end of Fall tv shows (boo!) with the airing of their season finales. So far, I have seen some and for the most part they were fine.

Spoiler Alerts!

The Mentalist
I don't think I am the only one tired of the Red John story line, I mean come on, give us something new. Poor Jane has been working on it for years and years,give it to him already! I am even more annoyed that Red John wasn't discovered, killed and finally done with because I am through with it. I think Jane is still one up on Red John because he knows that someone broke into his room and took all his info on Red John,so I think it is all a big plan on Jane's part to really work at Red John and make him appear. At least the other story lines are keeping my interest,I do love the whole cast/crew.

I thought that overall this whole season was boring. Just gross crimes and nothing really to keep my interest. Brennan is annoying,still, and I was never a big fan of her and Booth together. But now they are together they still have that dumb killer standing in their way,annoying! That Palant killer needs to be done with too,his story has gone on too long and it has now become old. I like Angela..and Hodgins, that is about it. So I doubt I will be returning for the next season.

The Following
This was one of my new shows this Fall and every episode I kept asking myself why I was still watching because it is FREAKY :) I am glad that Joe was killed although I am still skeptical about him actually dying (but even he couldn't have planned that chase/fight/gas spilling/gun fire/fire/burning death) plus if he is dead the creepy cult can still keep going with the even more wacko follower,Emma. I knew Molly was coming back at the end and I am pretty sure Ryan (and maybe even Claire) will be okay,otherwise there wouldn't be anymore episodes.

Person of Interest
Is anyone else still a bit overwhelmed and confused? I do like the addition of Shay though,she would be a great part of Finch and Reese's team! Root is a bit nutty,so I don't really think that the Machine is really calling her. I love that this show makes me laugh out loud even if it is a more suspenseful, darker show (like when Reese yelled out "congratulations" to the married couple as he shot the guy holding them at gun point,then just drove off);a darker humor :) I hope Carter is okay with her new role,she is a tough!

Hart of Dixie
Why did George just leave his lawyer practice to sing in a band? That is a bit random,but I suppose he needs a break/change. I sure hope Zoe does NOT get together with Jonah,he seems more interested in sleeping withher than being something serious. I was getting fed up Wade but I am so glad he finally stood up for himself and truly apologized to Zoe for hurting her,I hope they get back together. Lemon wasn't that annoying in the episode,that was nice, she seems to be maturing :) I am glad that Annabeth and Levon are together,they are sweet as a couple. I don't know what season three will have in store...

Are any of these shows that you watch too? What did you think?

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