Tuesday, March 19, 2013

what i have been listening to

Phillip Phillips--- The World From The Side of The Moon 
this is such a fun,upbeat,country+rock mix. i love home, gone gone gone, hold on and where we come from. Phillip has such a masculine, rough voice which makes it all that more interesting and unique plus he wrote a handful of these songs,so he's even more talented than i originally thought!

Tim McGraw---Two Lanes of Freedom
i won't lie, i have been a Tim fan for probably at least a decade, he is a classic country singer but not too folky. i like this new cd because the songs are fresh and a bit goofy (but in a good way--mexicoma) so they are enjoyable to listen to while driving and they make you want to dance. My favorites are: two lanes of freedom,southern girl, it's your world.

Rhett Walker Band--- Come to the River
Rhett has such a gruff and different voice that it gives his songs that much more emotion and power. The songs are strong, powerful and moving;songs you can sing along to and relate to,no matter what. A mix of folk+country+Christan+rolk and they all work beautifully together.
My favorites: come to the river,gonna be alright,all i need,singing stone

Mumford & Sons---Babel
another awesome album by these fun British guys! i can never get enough of their sound;so fun,light and intense yet edgy and rough...their melodies and voices are so rhythmic, too,hard to turn them off. Plus they write all their songs so it is all original and unique.
My favorites: babel,i will wait,not with haste,reminder,lover of the light.

Newsboys--- God's Not Dead
This is a new band,to me, but they are addictive with a rocky sound but they sing about God and staying true to Him. My favorite songs: God's not dead, your love never fails, i am second.

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