Friday, March 29, 2013

book club

Thanks,Heatehr &Katie!

I read:

Leverage:The Con Job by Matt Forbeck
The rich and powerful take what they want. We steal it back for you. 
When a disreputable dealer starts swindling aged and ailing comic-book creators out of their wealth—and their high-valued comics and artwork—the daughter of one victim comes to ex-insurance investigator Nathan Ford and his team of counter-crooks for help. 
Their scheme: run a con at the Comic-Con International, where the crook intends to sell the goods. But there’s more going on than simple theft. An arson plot is in motion that will not only destroy countless rare collectibles, but may end up costing lives. 
With time short, the team must take down a ruthless mark whose true motives have yet to be revealed…
(thanks to his website)

I thoroughly enjoyed and devoured this book;it is just like watching the show! The characters and their chemistry was dead-on and the con job was so funny and it had its twists. An awesome take on the show! I give it an A.

The Light Between Oceans M.L. Stedman
I had been waiting to read this book for a bit and it was worth the wait;a bit of a slow-er start,but it wasn't boring slow just slow moving. It definitely made me think what I would have done in Tom and Izzy's shoes,what a tough situation and you just feel so sad and sorry for all involved. A unique setting and a neat way to learn more about being a light keeper,and about Australia during the late 20s. I liked all the characters (although I was frustrated a couple times with Tom and Izzy) but it was such an intense story that was filled with love and truth.It made me cry and it is beautifully written,I give it an A.

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  1. I have been wanting to read The Light Between Oceans. I am glad that you liked it.


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