Monday, February 25, 2013

the pretty oscars 2013

So maybe I didn't really watch the Oscars because the Blackhawks were playing (priorities,people!) but I did love seeing these stunning women in their gorgeous gowns!

Jennifer Garner. She is always elegant and simply beautiful. Plus I love purple.

Sandra Bullock. I love that it is only see-through at the bottom.

Naomi Watts. Different but not too wacky.

Jessica Chastain

Reese Witherspoon

Octavia Spencer

Helen Hunt

Amy Adams. I love the color and top and the skirt is just enough personality for the Oscars :)
AMY ADAMS photo | Amy Adams

Corrine Bishop (Jamie Foxx's daughter) this gown is just fantastic!

And of course, these dapper dudes who are always good looking :)

Chris Pine

Hugh Jackman

Jeremy Renner

Bradley Cooper
thanks  for the photos!

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