Thursday, February 21, 2013


surprise morning time with the b (someone didn't tell us he didn't have preschool after all)

finding a favorite shirt in the clean laundry

reading Julie Garwood novels

Panera lunch courtesy of the best big sis :)

talking with the big sis

watching tv shows

cooking new meals --this month's food network magazine is chock full of awesome new ones

totally psyched for the March Swap I signed up for

Bestie time!

Day off on friday and hoping to meet up for lunch & mani/pedis with Bestie P

Snow is on its way...

laughing with the family

ordering things I don't really need on amazon

reorganizing/displaying my picture frames

checking out the words from the library, I love me some Bradley Cooper

safe haven viewing during some afternoon "me" time yesterday

my Lenten promise to read the Proverbs (already finished them, now onto the next book)

long weekends!


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