Wednesday, January 30, 2013

tv talk

Downton Abbey season 3

This show is great, dramatic and the characters are heartbreaking and real. I love seeing England in the 1920s and how they are coping after WWI. I am still in shock with what happened in last week's episode though but I am looking forward to how this season wraps up.
Sundays @ 8 on pbs

The Mindy Project

Man,so darn hilarious! Cute,quirky characters and funny storylines.
Tuesdays @ 730 on fox

The Following

Freaky and scary for sure but it is a rather interesting premise and it is so hard to not watch. Although it is hard to trust any character while watching.
Mondays @ 8 on fox.


Seriously,watch this show! Stephen Amell is one sexy man on a mission to right the wrongs of his family.
Wednesdays @ 7 on cw

what have you been watcing recently?

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  1. God Arrow SO MUCH SEXY between him and Diggle omg.


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