Friday, December 28, 2012

secret santa reveal

The amazing Megan was my secret Santa and oh man she was right on the button!

She painted this coffee mug because I had suggested a chevron mug plus she added the beautiful detail of my initials. LOVE it and I enjoy my morning cup of coffee even more now.

She knitted the coffee cup cozy too, adorable!
And of course she gifted me with a Starbucks card,perfection!
Thank you,again, SO much, Megan for my wonderful Christmas present; I felt even more special because you spent so much time on the pieces and put your amazing talent into it all!!
I was secret Santa to the lovely Stephanie. I had a blast creating her secret Santa package just as much and I was even more thrilled that she loved it.

What a great, fun Christmas idea this was, Paige and Katlyn!


  1. Wow I am in love with your gifts! I am so glad you had fun with the project that we put together! :) Thank you so very much for participating! xx


  2. That is such a great gift! So glad you enjoyed the swap!


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