Wednesday, December 19, 2012

o christmas tree

My favorite Christmas tradition, decorating the tree!

Just the lights...

All filled...

The usual ornament swaps for grandparents/grandkids happened and here is my new Aunt one:

This little elf liked dancing around to all of the Christmas music toys and winking on command :)
I also have four new ornaments from this year (two from my travels, one from a family I babysit for and one that I bought on etsy because it is awesome)

NYC march 2012

Omaha,NE Sept 2012

Babysitting Family

My home sate!
What is your favorite holiday tradition?


  1. I love that you put up ornaments that have meaning. I love the look of a tree decorated with some sort of theme of color coordination, but it doesn't have the same meaning. Merry Christmas Victoria!


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