Thursday, December 20, 2012

from the mouth of an almost 3 yr old

Lovebug #4 (aka Bman) is normally quite funny but these more recent things that have come out of his mouth had me laughing hard:

"todally,vic,todally awesome, totally cool"

me:'what are you looking for on the tree?"
b:"a square"
me:"does it have anything on it?"

"i am awesome beacuse i am handsome" and he winked as he said this :)

"you are a genius!"

"falcon and groot are not in the justice league,they are in avengers"


"it was like a volcano,a pee volcano" there was a potty mishap lol

"i love your scarf,auntie vic"

"vic! i have been looking for you ALL day!" and he said this after seeing me just two hours earlier

"can i get a frapp?"

" i know,i will cheer him up! what can i give him to  make him happy?"

b:"want to hear me sing frosty?"
me: "sure"
b:"um, at home,okay?"

we were at the grove,looking at animals and some animal skulls, "wow,it is from a triceratops! and there is a t-rex one!"

as i constantly say,he is one hilarious kid and he latches on to anything we say.

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