Tuesday, November 6, 2012

tuesday's topic

10 Day Challenge Link Up
Thanks,Lauren and Tiffany!

Ten things you would do with one million dollars:
  1. Pay off my car and my student loan
  2. Take a big family vacation somewhere new and warm
  3. Go to Australia for a year
  4. Make a big donation to the March of Dimes
  5. Pay for my sister's program
  6. Send my parents on a glorious vacation
  7. Buy season tickets to the Blackhawks
  8. Donate money to cancer societies/charities
  9. Buy an apartment
  10. Donate to my local animal shelter
What about you?


  1. Australia for a year? Sounds awesome!
    If only money grew on trees, right?

  2. I would buy a house and pay off everything I owe :)

    I am now following your blog Follow back? :)

  3. I'd do so many things it'd be amazing!

  4. I think I would pay my debts and my house, then head to Ireland. I've always wanted to go to Ireland. After that, I might just find somewhere to give it to, I don't think I need much else.

  5. I found your blog on the Tuesday Topic link up. We have the same number one- paying off student loans- and we both mentioned traveling to Australia. Wouldn't it be amazing to actually make these lists come true?!


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