Thursday, October 4, 2012

thursday's thoughts

{one} I love October, the start of Fall and the beginning of the holiday season.

{two} Tonight's girls' night calls for a mix of popcorn + reeses pieces

{three} I can't stop watching episodes of The Incredible Dr. Pol it is a show about a big and small animal Veterinarian in central Michigan, loving it!

{four} Pretty sure I am late to this bandwagon,but, The Civil Wars are amazing! Their talent is huge and I love their melodies and voices.

{five} I am itching to paint my nails this color, so pretty and Fall-ish

{six} I bought an adorable blue corduroy skirt from old navy and I am looking forward to pairing it up with boots and a sweater!

{seven} This weekend will be a good one; friends, sleeping in, family baby shower, coffee, an extra day off thanks to Columbus :)

{eight} I have started reading, Elizabeth.The Queen by Sally Bedell Smith and it is interesting but very long....

{nine} I just signed up for a Christmas ornament swap over on Erin's blog...excitement!!

{ten} Speaking of swaps I also signed up for another Fall goodie swap hosted by Kim and Mia. I should really stop signing up for these, my wallet would thank me,but they are so fun! This is my second Fall swap this season and my third swap in the past month!

{eleven} I am gearing up for Nashville to premiere next wednesday,I sure hope it is good!

{twelve} This week has gone by fairly quickly--excellent!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Do you put the Reece's Pieces in with the popcorn, or have them separate but eat them the same time?

  2. Oh my goodness loving your girls night plans! Totally agree on the Civil Wars and your new skirt sounds adorable!
    -Connecting via's Sar's link up :)

  3. Found your blog from the swap. I have Nashville set up on the DVR. I hope it is good as well. I love participating in swaps - there is nothing better than receiving gifts in the mail!

    Tiff from

  4. aw man. columbus must like you better than me. darn. have a great loooong weekend!

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog! and for posting about the favorite fall swap- I had to sign up for that one!

  6. So glad you signed up for the Fall Favorites swap, Kim and I are so happy to have you! :) Have a wonderful weekend, Victoria. :)


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