Thursday, October 25, 2012

thursday's randoms

this week is almost over!

where the heck has October gone?!

Christmas is two months away;I have stopped myself from thinking about it/writing my lists since it isn't even Halloween yet, but I am still getting excited.

this incredibly warm Fall weather we are having this week is a bit strange

i think i need new pillows, my head/neck hurt again;i buy mine from target since i get new ones frequently but i don't know if i should invest in "better" quality....

um have you seen arrow because i am a sucker for robin-hood-typed-plots and stephen amell is oh-so-easy-on the eyes :) Plus those ab workouts he does are insane!!

i have stopped watching himym it just wasn't funny anymore and it felt like there were not any good/decent story lines

i love brandi carlile's newest cd and her song the hard way home is my favorite

the new food network magazine is all about thanksgiving, sweetness!
happy thursday!

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  1. I hate when I have invested time in a tv show and it just gets crappy. I've stopped watching a couple shows for this reason.


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