Tuesday, October 16, 2012

one a a tuesday

10 Day Challenge Link Up

Once again,thanks so much Tiffany and Lauren for creating this wonderful weekly link-up! It was fun and I have met so many sweet people through it.

One picture--me +my 6 siblings + 2 parents + 3 nieces/nephews + 3 siblings-in-law

Well, this is easy, here is the most recent K family photo (although it is missing big bro M's family since they were not able to make the trip) taken last month at my big bro's wedding. I love my family, they are funny, goofy, crazy, wacky, loving and supportive. We are not perfect but what family is?! I love them all!!


  1. yay for a big family pic! I didn't get one of these at my wedding so I dont think we even have one like this...bummer!

  2. My family is perfect.

    Bahaha. That is funny. Goofy, crazy, and so-not-perfect- actually sums up my family pretty well. And I love 'em like crazy. Cute picture!


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