Thursday, September 27, 2012

what i have made

All purpose pork
This recipe is not only incredibly easy and packed with flavor it is also the best because you throw it in a crock pot for 5-8 hrs! The first night I just made mini pork sandwiches and the second night I threw the pork into tortillas and made tacos. DELICIOUS!

Grilled Pork Chops and  Vegetable Couscous
The one thing I changed with this was that I used a boxed couscous and then just tossed in the grilled squash & zucchini. Lots of flavor on the pork chops, pretty quick prep time. A fresh and relatively light dinner for the end of Summer.

Chicken with Arugula Pesto
Another fast weeknight meal, utilizing the grill again. The chicken was juicy but the pesto was just alright (I like the Giada recipe for pesto better...) and I forgot that I am not a big fan of warmed tomatoes.

Broken Lasagna
I used our own garden grown zucchini,squash and tomatoes so it added even more flavor to the dish. A simple meal that was a hit and loaded with sweet and light flavors. Next time though I want to break the lasagna noodles up even smaller so they are easier to eat.

Turkey Okra Skillet
I just thought this one was alright, not that powerful in taste but at least it was colorful to look at while we ate. The turkey was nicely cooked and mixed well with the vegetables;it was my first time cooking/eating okra and I thought it was nothing special.

Light Enchiladas
My first attempt at homemade enchiladas...I left the tortillas in the oven too long so they turned out too puffy and therefore made the enchiladas more like open-faced enchiladas instead of rolled up. BUT it all still tasted fresh and light;I used our garden grown tomatoes too. Easy to make but a lot more steps than I normally like in recipe. I will probably make them again though because they were a hit.

Tortellini with Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce
A perfect Fall dinner addition and super fast to make. While the water boils for the pasta, make the sauce. I ended up not using a shallot and it didn't seem to make a difference because this dish was great. I love the hint of pumpkin flavor then the bite of cheese from the tortellini. I paired it with fresh bread and some spinach+tomatoes+cucumber.

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