Friday, September 28, 2012

movie night swap reveal!

I was so excited to discover Linny and Ms. Attitude's movie night swap.


I was paired up with the lovely Crystal and she did the BEST job picking out movies and items for my package. It didn't hurt that we were practically the same person (we both adore sweet romantic comedies and chocolate + pb combos).

Crystal sent me:

a bag of movie theater popcorn
a box of reeses pieces
a package of pb mms
the ugly truth
sweet home Alabama
the perfect man
super fuzzy slipper socks
a bottle of perfectly dark purple nail polish
a cool pencil case

Thanks again so much, Crystal! You were an awesome swap buddy!

And thanks for the awesomely fun swap idea, Linny and Ms. A!! I had a blast :)


  1. What a cool swap idea- sad I missed out! Looks like you got good stuff- Sweet Home Alabama is one of my faves! Enjoy!

  2. I love all those movies. You got hooked up!

  3. What fun movies! i really did enjoy The Perfect Man...haven't seen it forever. And Sweet Home Alabama is pretty much a classic in my house. :)


  4. Oh my goodness, Sweet Home Alabama is one of my ALL time favorite movies. Never get tired of listening to Reese Witherspoon speak with an accent haha.

    Glad you liked what Crystal sent you. Thanks for linking up & joining our swap!

  5. I am glad that you liked everything! I hope you didn't already own any of those movies. Ohh and the "pencil case" is a makeup bag from MyGlam. I have a gazillion of them and I figured you could maybe use one. I was going to add that in my note that I forgot to

    I totally missed the link up for this! I am going to work on it and get mine posted in a few... : )

  6. ps> linked up now!


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