Thursday, September 13, 2012

thursday's thoughts

Thanks, Sar!
  • This week is going by quickly and slowly...does that even make sense?!
  • I went for my first run in over a month, my time was terrible and it was a brief run but at least I did something
  • I have my second 5k coming up at the end of the month, so I figured I shouldn't walk the whole thing LOL
  • Now my cough (that is still lingering from my cold I had last week) is rougher...uh oh!
  • I loved meeting up with Bestie K last night for dinner at our favorite Italian place then gelato
  • This weekend is looking to be pretty calm and I like that
  • New shows start in a couple weeks...or on Monday (hooray, Bones!)
  • I am so pumped for the two blog swaps I am participating in this month. A movie swap and a Fall swap.
  • A trip to Target is on the agenda for today, to go by the treasures for previously mentioned blog swaps :)
  • I love to watch Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs; they were just in Australia doing "dirty jobs down under". I love me an Australian accent!
  • I bought a mini bauble necklace in teal from groopdealz, I am pumped to have it arrive in the mail. I also bought two perfect scarves from veryjane that I think should be arriving soon too...
  • I need to stop buying things for myself LOL
  • It is girls' night tonight at home: homemade salted carmel brownies and a cheesy/romantic Hallmark movie is planned.
Happy Thursday!
What are you thursday thoughts?


  1. Good luck on your 5k! I've been trying to get back into running and it's SO HARD to motivate myself to run after I've been off of it for a few days because it's SO MUCH HARDER. Oh well. No pain no gain and all that...

  2. Any running is better than no running! So proud of you!

    Dirty Jobs is one of my faves, too! Talk about awesome and actual reality TV!

  3. i almost bought one of the necklaces too.


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