Thursday, August 30, 2012

what i have seen:

machine gun preacher

This was a movie that started off rough but in the end the overall story was decent and made me happy for the character. It is based on a true man and his story. The whole idea is a reality and a rough one at that but the courage this man shows is powerful. Worth a redbox rental at least.

man on a ledge

A good cast, quick story and it had me waiting in suspense for the ending. A lighter,less intense plot that is all about good guys trying to prove who the real bad guys are. Not bad for a fun movie on a saturday night. Worth the redbox rental.


This is an older movie but I never saw it when it was originally out. I love me some Ryan Gosling though so I had to grab it from my library. A great and interesting plot about a murder trying to be acquitted and how the prosecutor tries to figure it all out. Had me guessing til the end! Well worth a rental,or even a free check-out from your local library.

one for the money

I liked the cast of this movie and even though I never read this book/series I still enjoyed this movie. Not so terrible, had me a bit surprised by the ending. A fun chick-flick/mystery for a saturday night. Worth the redbox rental.

the forgerer

Saw this on the redbox website and thought it sounded good. It was pretty slow/boring....I wouldn't waste your money on it, wait for it to come on tv or something :)

What have you seen lately?

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