Tuesday, August 21, 2012

9 on a tuesday

10 Day Challenge Link Up
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9 loves
  1. A good book (Kristan Higgins, Linda Castillo, Jill Mansell,Diane Chamberlain,Karen White,Nora Roberts,Lisa Scottoline...)
  2. Cups of coffee or a fancy frapp from Starbucks
  3. Goldfish crackers/Cheez-its
  4. My Family
  5. Christmas
  6. A pair of cute shoes
  7. Hanging with my friends
  8. Relaxing in front of the tv with a favorite show (Friends, Burn Notice, NCIS, Hart of Dixie, Gilmore Girls, Deadliest Catch, House Crashers, House Hunters International,Blue Bloods, Hawaii Five-O, Live with Kelly...)
  9. Winding down each week with the arrival of my People Magazine :)
Honorable Mentions: mani/pedis, ice cream,photography, flowers, traveling, cranking up a great song and singing along,Fall,peanut butter + chocolate

What are your nine?


  1. I like that someone else had honorable mentions! I could have gone on forever with those! Love all of them! Thanks for linking up again! You rock!

  2. love your list!! oh, the frappe's from starbucks, a big weakness for me! One of those with a couple hours of good reading always puts me in a great mood!

  3. I totally should've done an honorable mention! hahaha. I had so many more I could've put on my list! Nice to blog meet you from the YOU challenge link up! Excited to be your newest follower!

  4. Your loves are great! Mmm Cheez-its :) I have been this close to buying the ginormous box from Costco...I definitely bought the Goldfish one when my niece and nephew came to town...totally for me haha. Thank you so much for taking the time to link up--can't wait to read your answers next week.

  5. I love Starbucks, great books and Christmas! There are definitely many things to love and the list could always go on. You definitely have a sweet blog.


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