Sunday, July 22, 2012

sunday social

Sunday Social

Thanks to the wonderful Neely and Ashley!
Favorite handbag you've ever owned.
I love my Coach signature demi pouch;it is the perfect size for fancy occasions or outings and it is a classic that never goes out of style.

Dream handbag you lust over.
Nothing special right now but I am still on the hunt for a nice brown leather purse. This one from Coach caught my eye last year but I hate that it is one big section inside,not split into a couple sections. Still pretty though!


And I also lusting over this beautiful clutch that I could use for weddings,etc. I love that it is neutral colors yet elegant and it looks like it would fit my necessites for a night out.
Taupe Ivory Ironworks Bridesmaid Clutch
thanks,modDot at etsy
Daily essentials in your purse or work bag.
Wallet + contents, chap stick, keys, gum, camera, a book, phone, pen.
What's in your purse(with pictures).
Currently I am using my Vera Bradley hipster which I love because it fits all I need and doesn't get in my way.

 The outside two pockets hold my keys, hairbrush, hand sanitizer and nail clippers/file...

The big inside pocket holds my wallet, phone, camera and whichever book I am reading...

There are also three smaller inside pockets and one of them holds my gum, lotion,chap stick while another holds my ipod...

There is a "secret" back pocket on the outside which holds a little notebook and pen and other small "lady" items :)

Happy Sunday!!


  1. I'm seeing so many Vera bags in these posts! Thanks for linking up!

  2. love that little notebook and vera bradley!

    come say hi at and have a great week!


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