Saturday, July 14, 2012

day 14 of 15 day challenge

Life of Love

Day 14: If you were only allowed to watch one movie for the rest of your life, what movie would it be and why?

Sweet Home Alabama

This movie is cute, funny, sweet, set in the South,and always puts me in a good mood. I love anything with Reese Witherspoon but then add in Josh Lucas and Patrick Dempsey and you definitely have my attention! A light-hearted, swoon-worthy movie I adore for my hopeless romantic heart :)

(google was used for the images,of course).
What movie would you pick?

Thanks, Sar!


  1. SUCH A GREAT movie choice!!! The home-town she returns to reminds me of my home town. I love it. It's such a 'pure' love story. "So I can kiss you anytime I want." *Sigh* I love it. Fab choice.

  2. I'm from Alabama. And I love this movie so much!! :)

  3. I am certain I would have chose this movie too. I watch it ever time it's on tv and when I'm in the mood I pop in the DVD! :)

  4. I have only seen half of this movie (doesn't she go back to her hometown to get a divorce?) and she said, "You have a a bar?!" Bwaaahahaha awesome! Love it, Victoria!

  5. I like this movie too! It makes me laugh...Sometimes it makes me cry. The beginning is super sweet.


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