Monday, July 16, 2012

biggest reason i am looking forward to the olympics....

Ryan Lochte!!

OH MY WORD, he is good looking;so good looking in fact that I remember watching him in the last Olympics and loving every minute of it :)

And this commercial is awesome, he looks like such a fun guy!

(images courtesy of his website and google)

Who are you looking forward to cheering on?


  1. Loooove this whole post. I was a competitive swimmer from age four through high school and saw my fair share of attractive male swimmers in little to no clothing, but he takes the cake hands down!

  2. love that commercial of him, what a fun guy!

  3. Haha that's funny, I did a post about him a few weeks ago too!!

  4. Hii! I saw your comment and on my blog, and I'm now following you!

    Wow, he is YUMMY! I'm sure watching him, will make the Olympics even more fun!

    Loving your blog =)



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