Tuesday, June 26, 2012

top 5 tuesday!

It is back!! oh how i missed this link-up; thanks Rachel!

Just Peachy

Celeb crushes:

Matt Bomer

Seriously,this guy is one fantastic looking man! I fell in lust with him at the very beginning of White Collar. Oh and what do you know, he is also in Magic Mike!

Alex O'Loughlin

Just sexy! Thanks, Hawaii Five-O for showcasing his amazing chest, tattoos and general awesomeness!

Jake Gyllenhaal

He has been a fave of mine since middle school. Just so cute and seems real nice and down-to-earth.

Ryan Gosling

His voice and body, fantastic! He just looks so man-ly

Matt Passmore

Good looking + Australian. heck yes!!

Honorable Mentions:

Simon Baker

What can I say, it must be the Australian accent :)

Scott Caan

Something about him makes me smile; great looking too!

(thanks to google for all the images)
Who are yours?


  1. Nice list to look at! I keep hearing about Matt Bomer, but have no idea who he is.

  2. Ryan Gosling was on my list too. I can't believe that I forgot about Jake! Ahh, I needed more honorable mentions. Haha. Great picks!

  3. I love your picks!


  4. Ooooo Alex O'Loughlin is a great choice!!


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